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Being a new player in the F&B industry, KANSHOKU RAMEN  needed to create a social media presence. And what better way to do that than to turn happy customers into brand ambassadors?

Scroll down to see how the hashPRINT! solution made KANSHOKU RAMEN a social media success.

The goal was clear— increase the social media presence of #KanshokuRamen. So we installed hashPRINT! at their Metropolis outlet for 3 months. During this promotion period, KANSHOKU RAMEN customers can:

  1. Get their photos printed as souvenirs with Kanshoku Ramen's custom designed border.

  2. Print multiple copies during gatherings with friends and family at Kanshoku Ramen.

  3. Earn discount coupons and enjoy promotions for their next visit to Kanshoku Ramen.


From a brand with no social media presence to a buzzing brand with lots of impressed fans. The hashPRINT! solution boosted the social reach of KANSHOKU RAMEN. Its numerous fan photos online tempted even more people to come and try the delicious food! 

It was a success! KANSHOKU RAMEN enjoyed an increase in the number of diners as its social media presence grew. It opened its 2nd outlet at Orchard Gateway in November 2015. We wish them all the best! 

Note from our happy client

"HashPRINT! has enable Kanshoku to reach out to more consumers through social media. It is an excellent platform to increase brand awareness as well as to boost sales. HashPRINT! has also given us an avenue to encourage customer interaction."

Melvin Ang, owner of Kanshoku Ramen

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